30th Annual Pacific Northwest Wauquiez Rendezvous

Point Hudson Marina - Port Townsend, WA

Friday June 4 - Sunday June 6, 2021

Attention Wauquiez Owners,  The 2021 Wauquiez Rendezvous is a GO!  

As the Spring weather brings promise of a coming season of cruising, and the vaccine rollout brings a glimmer of respite from the pandemic, it has been decided to go ahead with a Wauquiez Rendezvous for June 4-6 at Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend.  Things are clearly not the same as in the past in regards to gatherings so we are re-inventing the Wauquiez Rendezvous with the goal of having as enjoyable an event as possible whilst respecting practices to keep everyone safe.   

The Pandemic has touched all of our lives in one fashion or another, and we send our thoughts of support to those in our extended community who have lost someone or perhaps their business or employment due to the pandemic.   We have all learned to be flexible and adjust to changing circumstances and guidelines for interactions over this past year and a similar approach is planned for the Rendezvous.  We wish to emphasize our theme of: Wauquiez: "For those who sail"  with an air of casual informality around the fleet of yachts gathered in company at Point Hudson.   The focus is intended to be on outdoor interactions on the docks, visits in cockpits, and on deck and such.  We all want to stay covid safe and not create issues for others, so no large group indoor gatherings are planned at this time.  While many who attend likely will have found a vaccine,  we cannot assume everyone has had that opportunity.   We have all had to make adjustments in how to interact during a pandemic and have faith and respect that everyone will use their good judgement and consideration of others as we continue to follow safe protocols.   We strive to facilitate that by keeping the structure of the event to be outdoors,  and by using the other tools we have all become accustomed to such as masks, distancing, small interactions etc.   


Highlights planned for the 2021 Wauquiez Rendezvous:

Delivery Race: We start off with a "delivery race."  The race committee is working on details for a point to point, take your own time competition as you transit to Port Townsend.   The course TBA, and likely something along the lines of Point No Point to Marrowstone.   Up to you as part of race planning which day, and what time of day you make the run.   Prizes to be awarded.   

"Cruise in company" and visit to Port Townsend spirit:  As the "re-invention" of the Rendezvous has progressed the notion of a "cruise in company" is the spirit that is encouraged.  Like minded sailors visiting Port Townsend and sharing mutual discoveries is part of the theme for this year, rather than a focus on planned group events.  

Emphasis on small informal discussions:  Get to know the other owners and their yachts.  This year we bring a focus to one of the characteristics that has always been a big part of the "glue" that has contributed to the longevity of the Rendezvous - the owners themselves, and the remarkable voyages they undertake on their Wauquiez Yachts.  Gathered within the fleet you will discover that Wauquiez owners tend to be serious and accomplished sailors and there are many fascinating sea stories to discover as well as countless innovative improvements and modifications that they have made to their yachts.  Friendships formed and enhanced through the shared interest in the delight of sailing Wauquiez yachts have led to invitations to join voyages, and inspiration to pursue your own cruising dreams.  This is the year to emphasize getting to know other owners' backgrounds, sailing exploits, sea stories, and cruising dreams in more depth as we all look forward to getting back out traveling the world and enjoying the exemplary sailing enjoyed by Wauquiez yacht owners.  

Saturday Regatta: It has been decided to not decide.   In other words, to leave the decision about holding the traditional Saturday afternoon regatta "up in the air" and wait and see if there are enough interested boats wanting to sail on Saturday that have adequate crew.   Given the limitations of this year it may be that it's more fun to keep the focus on enjoying Port Townsend, and interacting with other owners around the docks and boats on Saturday and keep the sailing focus on the delivery race and the return "Fleet Sail"  on Sunday. 

Saturday:  PIZZA Dinner, compliments of previous support from Wauquiez and Discovery Yachts. 

Come enjoy a taste of the renowned Port Townsend Waterfront PIzza!  This year there are just too many variables in attempting to plan a catered dinner event, so it has been decided to just throw a pizza party!    Lets collectively thank Wauquiez and Discovery Yachts for their support of the Rendezvous over the years as we enjoy a taste of Port Townsend.  We have been able to carry forward a bit of cash reserve from past Rendezvous events and were able to get a refund from the cancellation of last year's reservations expenses so we are putting that toward this years dinner, keeping things "covid casual" and in the spirit of the Rendezvous giving ourselves more time to focus on the boats and sailing!  Enjoy! 

Sunday "Homeward Bound Fleet Sail in Company":   Over the years there has become a tradition with the yachts returning south "up" Puget Sound, after the Rendezvous to enjoy a spirited sail in company.   This year we have a very nice current which turns to flood around 11am on Sunday, so we propose an informal "shove off" of the fleet around 1030 AM for the yachts headed south to enjoy a Homeward Bound Fleet Sail on the way home.  Fly your Wauquiez flags, cross tracks, search for favorable water and enjoy the afternoon sailing in company taking photos, and generally enjoying the experience of cruising within sight of other Wauquiez yachts following our motto for the year:  "Wauquiez, for those who sail".  Those headed north or to the San Juans will likely want to leave earlier.  

The Wauquiez Rendezvous is open to all interested owners and prospective owners, and we are all making do this year and focused on what we can do rather than what isn't suitable as we work to keep ourselves and other owners safe in the pandemic.  Some owners will not be able to attend due to the risks from gatherings and to them we extend our best regards, support and a toast to their continued good health.   We had hoped to extend invitations to previous owners who helped found the Rendezvous in past years and have decided that is better done perhaps next year.  After all we are having so much fun with the "30th" Annual Rendezvous we may hold the "30th" Annual 3 or  4 more times in a row!   Once we get this seasoned (old)  who's counting anyway! 

For more information, please join the Google Groups discussion group and/or email for a registration form.