Statement of Purpose

This site was started by Wauquiez owners interested in increasing the "discoverability" of information valuable to those interested in Wauquiez sailing yachts.  We don't want to duplicate or replace existing resources, just create a central index to all of the varied stuff that already exists.

The site's initial purpose will be to provide a consolidated set of summary information and links out to important resources such as:

To Do

Anyone can create an account and add a link for the Links page.  as a spam-mitigation measure, I will approve them before they are published. 

Future to-do's, which may or may not ever get done, are summaries of frequently discussed questions from the mailing list, and for sale listings.  I am open to suggestions for other items.

Helping Out

Do you want to help out with the site?  Cool.  A few things to be aware of:  this site is pretty darn easy to edit once you get an account setup with editing privileges, and if you want to help freshen up the look of the site to be a little less generic, two words:  Bootstrap and LESS.  If those words make sense to you and you want to take a crack at a new stylesheet for the site, get in touch.  I don't think we want to get too crazy with tons of images though.  I would like for the site to remain friendly to those in the community who are cruising and have low bandwidth connections.

If you would like to make a contribution to the site's content, Contact Us and sign up for an account on the site.  Maybe you can be the one to summarize past discussions of chainplates, dyneema standing rigging, metric rigging supplies, and old vs. new Wauquiez construction :)

About the Site

Wauquiez.info is not a product of Wauquiez Boats and has no formal connection with them.

Wauquiez.info runs on Mezzanine.  Pat James created the site at the urging of Ken and Kay Greff.  There is no intention to achieve any financial gain from running Wauquiez.info.  As with most things nautical, it is a labor of love!