Yahoo! Group

UPDATE:  As of October 15 2019, Yahoo has announced that Yahoo Groups will soon be going away.

We have migrated our internet community to Google Groups at!forum/wauquiez-owners -- please come join us there!

If you are looking for information about Wauquiez boats or if you have a question or something to share, the one most important resource online is the Wauquiez Owners online community.  If this site does nothing other than point you at this online resource and community, it has done its job.

This is an moderately active, high signal-to-noise email discussion list.  There are 50 to 150 messages per month.  The archives are a treasure trove of detailed discussions on topics including

  • Rigging -- sourcing metric adapter parts, dyneema et al. vs. traditional stainless
  • Chainplates -- inspecting, replacing, custom fabrication
  • Autopilots
  • Repowering
  • Saildrive maintenance
  • Folding/feathering props
  • Storm sails
  • Dealing with the baby stay
  • Swim platforms and arches
  • Composting heads
  • Fridge rebuilds
  • Teak maintenance and replacement
  • Starboard replacements of exterior teak trim
  • Merits and best use of old vs. new Wauquiez construction  (be nice!)
  • Stern warnings to be sure to avoid Chinese chain and rigging :)

You get the idea...lots and lots of detailed discussion of real world experience on these and most other topics you would guess.  Search the archives and you will probably find it.

The Yahoo! Group website is a bit clunky.  Some have asked why we don't use a Facebook group...the simple answer is that would inevitably exclude some people who choose not to use Facebook.  Email works for everyone.  And Yahoo! provides good options for limiting your email volume to digests, or you can skip the email altogether and just use their web site to search the archives and engage in the topics that interest you.

Visit the Yahoo! Group Now

Occasionally folks experience some frustration getting their Yahoo! Group access sorted out.  There are two methods of joining the list and they have different outcomes. 

Anyone can simply send an email to the email address to be approved to subscribe by email.  This is the simplest method, but you will be missing out on most of the benefits of joining the list, which includes an archive of hundreds of past conversations, photos, and documents only available through the Yahoo! Groups website.

The better method to join is to create a Yahoo! account and apply to join the group through Wauquiez Boats Yahoo! Group web page.  You can create a Yahoo! account for any email address: it does not have to be an address.